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Welcome to SNRP.

We are a formidable company offering research on the different types of insurance in the market today. Our research is mostly on medical insurance, although we also do research on other types of insurance. By offering information, we hope to enlighten people on the insurance programs currently available and how they could maximize their benefits.

What we do is simple. We combine current literature with real life experiences to give you a complete picture. In that way, you can gauge how an insurance program can actually benefit you in a given scenario. And just how does this benefit you? In two words: intelligent decision.

It’s not always easy to imagine or visualize the real life benefits of an insurance program. You can read all the literature you want, but an insurance program’s impact is more easily demonstrated by real-life situations. And so it goes…

On this site, you will find information on as well as illustrated real-life scenarios on:

·        Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

·        Point-of-Service plans (POS)

·        Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)

·        Managed Care

·        Fee-for-Service plans

On this site, we will walk you through the technical terms being used in the health care industry and define them in layman’s terms. But that is not all. Since we believe that there are other types of insurance programs that are no less important than medical insurance. Hence, on this website you will also find information on premium financing for life insurance finance and entertainment insurance for
film / movie directors

You are welcome to share your life experiences with us. And when we say life experiences, we mean your experiences in dealing with your insurance provider in light of your situation. Rest assured that we place a high premium on privacy and we will never, in any way, reveal your identity if you are not comfortable.

SNRP. We are the new generation in insurance information.

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